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"A new paradigm is needed on how we view human involvement with the environment. We know more trees and plants are required to capture CO2 from the atmosphere so let’s act now and not allow the problem go unabated. Changes have to be made and with the right backing Terraform Australia Pty Ltd will be part of that change."
      John Keely - Director

terraform australia Pty ltd

Terraform (literal meaning is Earth-shaping) a word originally coined for transforming a planet or moon to make habitable for human existence. The two planets closest to ours, Venus and Mars, are not fit for human life even for a few seconds. Venus is hotter than inside a kitchen oven set on high and an atmospheric pressure at the surface 90 times that of Earth. Mars on the other hand is frigidly cold with an extremely thin atmosphere. Another crucial difference between our planet and our two neighbours is that the Earth has ongoing tectonic activity with continental drift creating valleys and mountains. Ours is an evolving planet that is constantly changing.

At this present time, and into the foreseeable future, we do not have the technology or economic means to terraform another planet or moon. Our time and energy is far better spent improving our planet's environment.  If we can not reduce global warming by 2 degrees on Earth it is hard to conceive of a time when we can change the temperature of Mars or Venus.

When we talk about improving the environment it is usually about fixing something that has been damaged by recent human activity. We plant trees where trees once stood, make efforts to stop soil erosion due to land clearing, mine site rehabilitation after the mine has closed and stopping toxic waste entering the ecosystem to name a few.  Clearly it is far easier not to damage or touch the environment in the first place. This is obviously not that easy with a growing world wide population consuming more and natural resources and people requiring a place to live.

There is a now a great opportunity in remote outback Australia to responsibly develop large regions to improve the environment and create a carbon offsets for local and international companies. 

Terrafoming Australia involves breaking up Australia's hard pan areas and allowing larger trees to grow and thus attracting animal and plant life to an area. Mulga country covers approximately 150 million hectares across Australia, about the the combined size of Spain, Italy and Turkey, presenting an opportunity to develop areas for gradual change from predominantly Mulga to larger Eucalyptus trees. This will benefit both the local environment but also reduce the green house gas CO2 from our atmosphere.and can substantially benefit a Companys' need to satisfy environmental obligations.

Now that global warming and the rise in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has become a very real concern to the international community our aim is to develop large hard pan areas of Australia to trap carbon in the form of large trees and associated plant life. Corporate Companies both international and local to Australia are invited to be part of this innovative project. The benefits for Companies to be involved are extensive.

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